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Article published in the L'Est Républicain newspaper: Article published in the L'Est Républicain newspaper, « L’eau chic de Velleminfroy prête à conquérir le monde » (Chic Velleminfroy water ready to conquer the world)

Article published in L'Est Republicain about bottling the mineral water of Velleminfroy.

Daily newspaper L’Est Républicain devoted a front-page feature to the Velleminfroy spring on its front page as a new milestone was crossed. The Poulaillon group has been granted the final authorisation to exploit Velleminfroy mineral water. It will soon be marketed in France, the Middle East and China. Let's look back at how the adventure began!

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Date published: 20 July 2016

Article published in the L'Alsace newspaper : "Paul Poulaillon, l'artisanal à très grande échelle" (Paul Poulaillon, a craft trade on a very large scale)

Portrait of Paul Poulaillon, owner of Velleminfroy spring, in the newspaper L'Alsace

L'Alsace's article sketches a portrait of Paul Poulaillon, owner of the Velleminfroy spring since 2004. The perfect opportunity to look back at his career and his life as an entrepreneur after starting out as a baker. It also covers the story of the renovation of the spring and his plans to market his mineral water.

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Date published: 26 january 2015

Article published in L'Est Républicain newspaper: "Le boulanger se met à l’eau" (The baker takes to water)

Velleminfroy exhibited in SIAL

L'Est Républicain looks back at Velleminfroy Water's participation at the SIAL food industry trade fair, which took place in Paris from 19 to 23 October last. An opportunity for Paul Poulaillon talk about how he acquired the spring and the forthcoming marketing of the water in France and abroad.

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Date published: 25 october 2014

Article published in the L'Est Républicain newspaper: "Ça coule de source" (It goes without saying)

Article about Velleminfroy Spring renovation

L'Est Républicain devoted an article to the Velleminfroy Spring in July. In it Daniel Pernot, Vice President of the association "Les Amis de la Source de Velleminfroy" talks about the rebirth and transformation of the site and the work on the future bottling plant.

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Date published: 31 july 2014

Report on the TF1 national television news on Velleminfroy Water and interview with Paul Poulaillon

Watch Velleminfroy on the TV

Paul Poulaillon, owner of the Spring, can count on the support of local villagers and lovers of the Spring in his attempt to breathe new life into this unique heritage. He also has plans to develop the Velleminfroy site's potential to attract tourists by building a thermal swimming pool and a water bar. These ambitious projects mark the rebirth of this once "forgotten" water!

Date published: 24 october 2009

The video is no longer available.