Nature’s legacy

Paul Poulaillon, owner of the Velleminfroy spring« It was in an unspoilt natural site in Franche-Comté that I discovered the wonderful Velleminfroy spring a few years ago.

It is from this exceptional environment that Velleminfroy draws all its qualities, its purity and unique flavour. It is in this special place that I first became aware of the virtues of this water unlike any other.

Its unique composition, formed by its passage underground, where it is enriched by essential minerals and trace elements, makes it an exceptional water, pure and remarkable from every point of view. It was declared a "natural mineral water" by the Imperial Academy of Medicine in 1859 and from 1930, Velleminfroy water was the subject of scientific studies which revealed its particular properties.

Today, Velleminfroy is being reborn to once again bring its benefits to all those who appreciate well-being and pleasure!

This water rich in benefits is nature's legacy, and I believe it is indispensable that it should be made known and available to all.

Proof that nature is good for you »

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Paul Poulaillon presents the benefits of Velleminfroy Water in a video

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