Haute-Saône, water country

Situated in Franche Comté, between the Vosges and the Jura mountains, Haute-Saône is a veritable Garden of Eden that will delight all nature-lovers. In the heart of this protected region, forests and plains cohabit in perfect harmony with a very special resource, water.

Lakes large and small, rivers, waterfalls... water is everywhere. Over thirty rivers and streams, including the Saône, the Augronne, the Ognon and the Semousse, criss-cross the Department offering a wide range of activities such as angling, sailing and canoeing/kayaking.

As well as Velleminfroy, there are five other springs listed in the Canton of Saulx: Sainte-Marie (in Coursemey), Creveney, Villers-les-Luxeuil, La Villedieu and Bithaine. But Velleminfroy is the only one to be bottled and sold!
Haute-Saône is also home to the Rêpes, Corre, Equevilley, Etuz, Fédry and Visoncourt mineral springs.

Since Ancient times, Haute-Saône has been renowned for its spas, especially Luxeuil-les-Bains, which is today one of the most famous spa centres in France. Excavations at Jonvelle have revealed a remarkable set of thermal baths dating from the 2nd century.