The Poulaillon group

More than 40 years after it closed in 1962, Velleminfroy water is being reborn thanks to Paul Poulaillon, a former artisan baker. After falling in love with this long forgotten spring, he decided to take up the challenge of bringing this water with its many benefits back to life. A logical step since water is one of the essential ingredients of bread.

History of a family success story

As a child, Paul Poulaillon always knew he wanted to be a baker. After plunging into the mixing bowl at the age of 14, he opened his first bakery with his wife in Mulhouse-Dornach at the age of 22.

Paul Poulaillon has always had a taste for innovation and in 1973 he invented the Moricette®, a soft roll made from pretzel dough filled with charcuterie and lettuce to make an original sandwich. In a just a few years, thanks to the determination of its inventor, the Moricette® became not only the family firm's flagship product, but also a veritable institution in Alsace.

From local baker's shop to the company of today, what a road it's been! Thanks to 40 years of experience and know-how, the Poulaillon group has specialised in making and marketing fresh and frozen bakery, pastry and fast food products. Made with care according to traditional methods, its pastries, Moricettes®, petit-fours and breads have made its reputation. The company's development has also been made possible thanks to the commitment of Paul Poulaillon's two children, Magali and Fabien.

As it has grown, the firm has succeeded in maintaining a solid base in the East of France as well as in the Paris region, and it now has 42 points of sale and employs over 630 people. To accelerate its development, the Alsatian bakery group was floated on the stock exchange on 20 November 2015. And it is not intending to stop there, as it adds another string to its bow with the launch of Velleminfroy mineral water.