The glass range, elegance on every table

The finest tables deserve the finest of waters! Like a grand cru wine, Velleminfroy mineral water, which has been appreciated by connoisseurs since 1859, has now been given a new glass container that perfectly embodies French taste and refinement. As well as bringing a touch of class to restaurant tables and those of all lovers of fine foods, it brings out the best in all kinds of dishes, from the most down-to-earth to the most sophisticated, without ever distracting from the taste of the food itself.

As well as its own gustatory qualities recognised by the international Eaux Gourmet 2018 competition, it offers many advantages that allow you to take care of yourself whilst enjoying the food at the best tables:

  • low in sodium: it helps to limit your salt intake,
  • sulphatesto facilitate the digestion and help eliminate toxins,
  • a pH of 7.4, perfectly in line with the pH of the blood (for the still water),
  • zero nitrates, zero pesticides, zero medicines: a remarkably pure water,
  • and always the added benefit of the calcium and magnesium!

Medal winner

At the international Eaux Gourmet competition in the "Still waters of character" category..

The second edition of this competition organised by the AVPA (Agency for the Promotion of Agricultural Produce) was held in Paris on 20 March 2018. The jury was made up of experts, fine gourmets, taste specialists and representatives of the Académie Culinaire de France, who had to choose between 75 different waters from 19 countries, among them the most famous of French waters.

An imperial heritage

Napoleon III was a fervent devotee of mineral waters and thermal curesIt is in Franche-Comté, from an unspoilt natural site that Velleminfroy water draws all its mineral qualities, its purity and its unique flavour.

Discovered by chance by a doctor named Jacquez in 1829, Velleminfroy mineral water quickly attracted considerable interest. On 29 December 1859, after the Imperial Academy of Medicine had given its approval, the water was «authorised for medical uses and for delivery to the public» by an Imperial decree issued by Napoleon III. For the Emperor was a fervent devotee of thermal cures, and thanks to his enthusiasm thermal spas would enjoy a boom during the Second Empire. Napoleon III’s great interest in spas would lead him to authorise the commercialisation of waters from mineral springs with recognised benefits, among them the Velleminfroy spring, which would benefit from the craze throughout the 19th century.

Recognised during the Second Empire, Velleminfroy deserves to be called an "imperial water" And now, Velleminfroy is prolonging that imperial heritage to bring its many qualities once again to all those who appreciate  well-being and pleasure!