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Imported by Millissime Inc (917) 617 2271

Get the benefit of a Velleminfroy cure

A unique and perfectly balanced mineral composition combined with a remarkable purity make Velleminfroy an exceptional water for all those who want, and need, to take care of their health. Because it possesses a range of properties unlike those of any other water, regular drinking , Velleminfroy water can be an excellent source of balance and well-being in everyday life.
Drinking 1 litre of Velleminfroy provides 510 mg of calcium, or 65% of your daily requirements. As for magnesium, Velleminfroy provides nearly 20% of your recommended daily intake. Velleminfroy is your best everyday ally! !


Suitable for all ages (from 2 years)
A water rich in minerals
Your body deserves the best of waters
The mineral water of Velleminfroy stimulate the digestion
The mineral water of Velleminfroy has a neutral pH
Get the benefits of a Velleminfroy cure

Is it safe to regularly drink water that contains large quantities of minerals, as does Velleminfroy water?

By Doctor Christian Recchia

Yes, it is quite possible to regularly drink a water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, provided it does not contain an excessive amount of sodium. Velleminfroy water is therefore ideally suited.
Our modern-day diets contain too much sodium (salt) and not enough calcium and magnesium.. Given that the link between high blood pressure and our salt intake has been confirmed, it is important to remain in control.
As for our calcium and magnesium intake, regulatory mechanisms such as the filtering function of the kidneys allow the body to eliminate excess calcium or magnesium from the blood. Furthermore, it is interesting to know that eating calcium-rich foods or drinks inhibits the formation of kidney stones1,2. All we need to do is to comply with daily calcium intake recommendations, which stand at approximately 800 mg/day3.

I would also like to shed some light on a common misconception that says that mineral-rich waters “tire the kidneys”, whereas in actual fact they are simply not recommended for those suffering from certain diseases, such as severe kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant. Only in such cases will a nephrologist recommend that the patient follow a very specific diet, and drink less water.
For a healthy person, and especially for teenagers, pregnant or menopausal women and seniors, regularly drinking water that is rich in calcium and magnesium and low in sodium is highly recommended, as it helps them to supplement their daily intake of these minerals. For children, we generally recommend that you vary the types of water they drink, as all waters have different mineral contents. But after the age of 2, children can occasionally drink a mineral-rich water, such as Velleminfroy, which will provide them with the calcium necessary for normal growth and healthy bones.

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