Imported by Millissime Inc (917) 617 2271

Imported by Millissime Inc (917) 617 2271

A trip back in time

Natural Mineral Water

Bottles made from high-quality PET

Rich in minerals (calcium and magnesium)

Low in sodium

Absolute purity (0 nitrates, 0 pesticides, 0 traces of medicines)

Velleminfroy’s vintage glass bottle commemorates the history of the spring with an updated 1950s label. It also marks the rebirth of Velleminfroy mineral water.

Ideal during and after meals

Its composition gives it a subtle taste that goes well with any dish as well as all wines, without affecting their taste.

An exceptional water

  • Rich in minerals (2010 mg/l) Calcium / Magnesium / Sulphates / Bicarbonates
  • Stimulates the digestion, facilitates the elimination of toxins
    Sulphates play a role particularly in the elimination of toxic waste from the body.
    With a concentration of sulphates over 1000 mg/l, Velleminfroy water facilitates the digestion.
  • A remarkable purity: 0 nitrates, 0 pesticides
    The absence of nitrates or other pollutants testifies to the quality of the environment around the spring, but also the exceptional structure of the rock below the ground. Drawn from a spring that originates 33 metres below ground, the unique properties of Velleminfroy are the fruit of a 6000-year  journey through the earth.
  • Low in sodium (10.4 mg/l)
    Consuming too much salt systematically leads to higher arterial blood pressure and can,
    in the long run, lead to cardiovascular disease. The normal daily diet largely covers our
    requirements, so it is preferable to a choose a water low in sodium such as Velleminfroy water.
  • A pH of 7.4 (Velleminfroy nature)
    Perfectly in line with the pH of blood.