Imported by Millissime Inc (917) 617 2271

Imported by Millissime Inc (917) 617 2271

A balanced composition

The high level of essential minerals (calcium and magnesium) in Velleminfroy water combined with its natural purity give it remarkable properties. The absence of nitrates or other contaminants is proof of the quality of the environment around the Source, and the exceptional quality of its subsoil. Velleminfroy’s water is guaranteed to be free of nitrates, pesticides, traces of medicines and microplastics!

With 2420 mg/l (dry residue at 180°), Velleminfroy water is rich in mineral salts: it is one of the French waters with the highest mineral content. It possesses truly unique characteristics, making it a water unlike any other…

Calcium (CA2+) 510 mg/l Sodium (NA+) 10,3 mg/l
Magnesium (Mg2+) 66 mg/l Sulfates (SO42-) 1400 mg/l
Bicarbonates (HCO3-) 322 mg/l Chlorure (CL) 3,2 mg/l
Potassium (K+) 2,6 mg/l Nitrates (NO3) 0 mg/l*

Tom spring – Dry residue at 180° : 2420 mg/l – pH = 7,4 (still water)  5,2 (sparkling water)
* Inferior to limit detection (< 0,5 mg/l)

Professor MERKLEN, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Nancy wrote in 1954:
“Velleminfroy mineral water has the remarkable particularity of containing normal doses of all the main minerals that are found separately in the waters of the most famous spas. It has one indisputable virtue, it is the perfect element in a cure as its mineral content is astonishingly rich and harmonious! “

Remarkable in calcium: 510 mg/l

Calcium plays a part particularly in bone construction, contributing to their growth, strength and preservation. The calcium in mineral waters is absorbed by the body as well as the calcium in dairy products. Velleminfroy is one of the French waters with the highest calcium content: drinking 1 litre of Velleminfroy provides almost 60 % of the recommended daily allowance of calcium*, and 2 small glasses of Velleminfroy mineral water provide as much calcium as a 30g portion of Camembert, i.e. almost 18% of the recommended daily allowance.

Excellent in magnesium: 66 mg/l

Magnesium plays a prominent role in energy transmission and production in the nervous system and is involved on several levels in the immune system and allergy mechanisms. The magnesium in mineral waters is absorbed by the body as well as the magnesium in medicines or food. Velleminfroy is one of the French waters with the highest magnesium content. Drinking 1 liter Velleminfroy provides more calcium than 3 natural yogurts or a half Camembert cheese, bringing near 65 % of recommended calcium requirements for the day.

Low in sodium: 10.3 mg/l

The elimination or retention of sodium in the kidneys is one of the mechanisms that regulates arterial blood pressure. The normal daily diet largely covers our requirements, so it is preferable to choose waters low in sodium such as Velleminfroy water, which is particularly suited to a low sodium diet.

Ideal for sulphates: 1400 mg/l

Sulphates play a role particularly in the elimination of toxic waste from the body. Their main health property is a laxative effect. Velleminfroy is one of the French waters with the highest sulphate content. Drinking a water with a concentration of sulphates over 1000 mg/l, like Velleminfroy mineral water, facilitates the digestion*.

A perfect pH: 7.4*

A healthy body needs a good acid-base balance, all the more so as current dietary habits tend to acidify blood pH. Velleminfroy water is perfectly in line with the pH of blood (from a medical point of view, the normal pH in arterial blood is 7.4).

* PH value for the Velleminfroy’s still water

Natural purity: 0 nitrates

The regulations impose a level of nitrates in tap water for human consumption of below 50 mg/l (10 mg/l for babies). With a nitrate level below the limit of detection (< 0.5 mg/l), Velleminfroy is one of the most protected waters. The absence of nitrates or other contaminants testifies to the quality of the environment around the spring, but also the exceptional structure of the rock below the ground. Velleminfroy is a pure water, containing 0 nitrates!!

* As part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Source : monographie « Eau minérale de Velleminfroy » nutrition et dynamique biologique. Dr Christian Recchia et Coll. 2016. Update in 2020