The mineral water for a lifetime

Water is an exceptional component in the human body (approximately 60%). Drinking plenty of water helps ensure that our bodies do their job well, it regulates body temperature, eliminates waste materials and toxins, helps us to digest our food and replace mineral salts and trace elements. Thanks to its exceptional composition and balance, Velleminfroy water can be drunk at all ages, from 2 years.

Drunk during regular "cures", it will bring its benefits to all those who appreciate well-being and pleasure! Velleminfroy water is ideal for the young and active, seniors, pregnant and nursing mothers - and not forgetting athletes.

Pregnant and nursing mothers: an essential contribution

Velleminfroy mineral water is ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers

Velleminfroy can increase the intake of minerals such as calcium or magnesium for pregnant and nursing mothers, helping in particular to maintain healthy bones for the mother and to develop a healthy baby.

A pregnant woman who drinks 1.5 litres of Velleminfroy water a day is providing her body with 72% of the recommended intake of calcium and 25% of the recommended amount of magnesium.

Children and teenagers: contributing to deficiency-free growth

Velleminfroy water supports the growth of children and teenagers

Velleminfroy water supports the bone development and growth of children and teenagers. It also contributes to normal neurotransmission whilst aiding energy metabolism.

A teen aged between 12 and 18 who drinks 1.5 litre of Velleminfroy a day is providing his or her body with 40% of the recommended amount of calcium, giving it a solid start, especially if he or she consumes little dairy produce! Drinking Velleminfroy from the teenage years helps to avoid the risk of osteoporosis in adulthood.

Adults and the active: preserving their energy capital and well-being

The Velleminfroy mineral water is ideal for adults and active people

Velleminfroy helps to ensure that adults have a good intake of magnesium (without increasing their calorie intake).

Magnesium contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, thereby helping to combat stress, poor concentration, sleep disorders…

Seniors and women in the menopause: the assurance of aging well

Velleminfroy water maintains sturdy bones of seniors and women in the menopause

As well good as providing good hydration, Velleminfroy water actively contributes to maintaining sturdy bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Low in sodium, it can help to limit the amount of sodium in the diet and preserve cardio-vascular health.

A senior or woman over 50 who drinks 1.5 litre of Velleminfroy water a day is providing their body with 60% of the recommended amount of calcium and 24% of the recommended amount of magnesium.

Sportspeople: optimising recovery from physical effort

Velleminfroy mineral water helps athletes' body rehydrateration sports

Dehydration is the leading cause of poor performance in athletes. For 1 litre of water not replaced, the body loses 20% of its physical capacities.

Velleminfroy water compensates for the loss of minerals useful in rehydrating the body due to perspiration.

Source: monograph "Eau minérale de Velleminfroy, nutrition et dynamique biologique". (Velleminfroy mineral water, nutrition and biological dynamics) Dr Christian Recchia & Coll. 2016